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Spreading awareness through movement, we bring you amazing yogis with diverse styles. Our unique program lets you experience one of the four elements of life in each class.







The Yoga Elements

The Yoga classes at The Flow Academy are structured into four core categories, related to separate states of being.

  • FireTo awaken inner fire, to invigorate oneself, to be grateful for the simple pleasures of life like sunlight and the beauty around oneself, to help one commit to actions throughout the day and to do what one wants to do. Fire is about discipline. AirT
  • Air—to awaken, to become aware. True awareness is found when one feels every breath that one makes throughout ones life.will practice focus, breathing, balance and strength.  
  • Water—To awaken flow, to find the own individual beat and grace. Water is about fluidity and trusting the universe. To trust that everything is perfect and that everything happens to make you wiser, the good and the bad. 
  • Earth—To awaken ones connection to the earth, to timelessness. Earth is recommended for those who wish to find a place to de-stress, to ground oneself to inner calm and the universal love that resides within.

To compliment these core elements, we also offer the following classes:

  • Restorativeis known to be the Ultimate Chill Out. Therapeutic counterbalance to every day life.
  • Acro Yoga


Maya Tiegrah

Head Yoga Instructor

While The Flow Academy’s Yoga program is supported by a full team of committed yogis, the activities are coordinated and led by Maya Tiegrah.

Motivated Yoga and meditation instructor with advanced training in Yoga and specialisation in Hatha, Iyengar and Yin Yoga. Committed to inspiring and sharing with others the long-term results of wellness and health that Yoga offers. Positive, gentle and encouraging presence.






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